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October 01 2012


Commander Shepard Headcanons: Childhood and Hobbies

Andrea Shepard grew up as a spacer kid. Both her parents were Marines so they got bounced around from ship to ship quite frequently. She loved both of her parents, but she was definitely daddy's little girl. When she was little, she would always want to be with her father and do whatever he was doing. She wanted to be just like her daddy when she grew up.

Whenever he got some time off, he would always read a book to relax. Inevitably, Andrea would curl up beside her father and he would begin to read to her. Once she was able to read herself, she'd grab her own book and they would read together in a companionable silence until her mother Hannah called them away for dinner or bed. Whenever they made a stop at a station for supplies or had some shore leave, her father would always make sure to pick her up a new book.

When Andrea was 7, her father was killed during what started out to be a routine mission. After his death, she kept the routine of spending some time each day reading quietly to herself. When her mother asked her why she was spending so much time alone, Andrea explained that when she's reading alone in a quiet corner she can still feel her father's presence with her and it comforts her. Even as an adult, whenever she feels sad, lonely, confused, or conflicted, she'll go to her cabin, turn on her favorite music and pull out a book. After a little time alone, her mind will be cleared and she'll be back to feeling like herself.

Andrea's love of music comes from her mother. While her father chose reading as his hobby, her mother chose music. Whenever Hannah Shepard was home, she made sure the cabin was filled with the sound of music. She would play songs not heard by most people in decades and newer melodies that were just making their way up the charts. If you were quiet enough, you might even get to hear Hannah humming one of her favorite tunes while she made sure her uniforms were pressed and armor was polished. Andrea's favorite days were the ones where her mother would play old R&B music vids. She would sing and dance along while her mother and father looked on and laughed.

As an adult, Andrea's guilty music pleasure is still late 20th/early 21st century hip-hop and R&B. The music they play in the clubs of Omega and The Citadel she can appreciate but she never really liked. Whenever she got shore leave and went to one of the clubs, inevitably someone would ask her to dance. Since she was too polite to say no, she would reluctantly agree. The catch was, she would purposely use the very old (and in her opinion very funny) dances she learned from her favorite music vids. It served the dual purpose of getting her dance partner to go away quickly and it gave everyone a really good laugh. As Shepard climbed the ranks she continued to dance badly on shore leave. It let the soldiers under her command loosen up around her and they found they could talk to her more freely if they felt they knew there was something in the world that she wasn't good at.

One very little known fact about Andrea Shepard is one of her favorite places is the beach. When she was six, her parents got their first extended bit of shore leave in a very long time. They decided to go on a vacation to one of the beaches of Earth. As soon as they got there, Andrea was in love. It was the first time she had been to Earth and the first time she felt sand in between her toes. She had the time of her life building sand castles with her mother and splashing around in the water with her father. The only way they could get Andrea to leave when the time came without a major temper tantrum was to promise that for every vacation they would come back. Little did she know that would be their last family vacation. The very next year her father was killed in action. Andrea and her mother still went to the beach every time they were able after her father's death. It was one of the only places where they both felt his presence very clearly and they felt like a normal family again.

The last of Andrea's seemingly odd hobbies that stems from childhood is her model ship collection. Most people wouldn't think so just by looking at her, but she has a rather extensive model ship collection. When Shepard was 5, her family had to make their first move. This was very hard on her because she had come to make some friends and she really didn't want to go. Her father had the idea to buy her a model of the ship they were leaving. He told her that because she had the model, she would forever have that ship and the memories with her. Andrea took that to heart. After their move, Andrea and her father would sit down together and work on the model bit by bit. When it was finally done, he hung it right above her bed so she could think about all the good times she had with her friends before she went to sleep.

She kept up the hobby all throughout her childhood and well into adulthood. That resulted in her having a very large collection by the time she was named Commander of the Normandy SR-1. Unfortunately, when the SR-1 was taken out by the Collectors she lost her whole collection. One of the first things she did upon reawakening was go out and buy a model of the Normandy SR-1. Working on that during the first few weeks of her time with Cerberus was one of the only things that kept her sane. By the time the Alliance came to take her ship and throw her in jail, she had just about rebuilt the collection.

August 21 2012

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can y'all stop reblogging that Honey boo boo kid?



she’s appropriating AAVE

and y’all are buying the fuck into a culture that supports non-black people being praised for doing shit that black folks get demonized for

good job everyone


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August 09 2012






Always remember: you deserve good things in your life.

People who care.

Happy, healthy relationships.


Never allow yourself to believe you aren’t worthy of good things.

woke up feeling icky, so

i figured i needed this again.

i needed to reblog this again.

oh hey.

one more time.

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The baby had a very busy day today. Here’s hoping he sleeps in a bit tomorrow. (Taken with Instagram)

Where, for example, did the term Caucasian come from? Although many take it to be ‘real’ and don’t think about its racist connotations, the term has racist origins. It was developed in the late eighteenth century by a German anthropologist, Johann Blumenbach. He developed a racial classification scheme that put people from the Russian Caucasus at the top of the racial hierarchy because he thought that Caucasians were the most beautiful and sophisticated people; darker people were put on the bottom of the list: Asians, Africans, Polynesians, and Native Americans (Hannaford 1996). It is amazing when you think about it that this term remains with us, with few questioning its racist origin and connotations.

Margaret L. Andersen and Patricia Hill Collins, “Systems of Power and Inequality” (via wretchedoftheearth)

This is why I don’t say “caucasian” anymore.

(via lady-brown)

Also the category was pretty much a tool for the US government to keep POC from becoming citizens and supporting white supremacy.

(via omgbunnyz)

I think I’ve also read something about how, oops, turns out the people from the Russian Caucasus weren’t even white. I’ll have to go back and look for that later. 

(via birdbrainblue)

Indeed. The Caucasus mountain range includes over 50 ethnic groups and the countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran - and many from those countries are people of color.

(via wretchedoftheearth)

If I remember correctly, the oldest anatomically modern skulls at the time were found in the Caucasus, and it was thought that because they were the first anatomically modern skulls, they just HAD to be white and hence the Caucasus was obviously where white people originated.

Never mind the fact that thanks to current evidence, DNA and facial reconstruction technology the first homo sapiens to migrate into europe actually looked like people of color.

(via stfunithingas)

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My definition of a Good White Person




Someone who knows that they will make mistakes that can hurt PoC, and it is completely unavoidable.  But they take responsibility and try to be conscious of their words and actions.

Notice I didn’t say “perfect.”

Notice I didn’t say “nice.”

Hell, I didn’t even say “not racist.”  This is a very important thing to recognize here.

Just reblogging to piss off white people who think they are “good,” and who think I’m “bad” for not thinking of them as highly as they think of themselves.



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You trippin this shit it good!

yeah if youre an 80 year old grandma who has nothing but this, nasty lifesavers, and lint in her purse

Repeat that one time for me.

yeah if youre an 80 year old grandma who has nothing but this, nasty lifesavers, and lint in her purse

Some of my followers don’t have any type of taste. Just stay takin Ls.

But it’s okay. They just have to grow and learn. One day they will see the error of their ways.

Txt it.

i love those damn candies. have since i was 5.

Oh my goodness I haven’t had these in forever! I need these! Where the hell can I find these?!

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Characters (L to R): Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity

Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Yaaaas, Rarity gurl, yaaas

They’re all so good but Rarity is killin it!

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when white children are shot in the street for looking like “thugs.” when words like “thug” are inherently associated with white people. when white children are disciplined & punished more harshly than brown & black children who made the same mistakes. when white people are rarely portrayed as leads or positive role models in the media. when people get up in arms that a white girl is playing a beloved character because she doesn’t look “innocent” enough. when missing white children are never reported on the news. when white characters are brown & black washed to be more marketable, palatable, “attractive,” and likable. when white victims of racist violence are not protected by the law. when school psychologists tweet that “young white thugs need to be put down like the dogs they are.” when respected publications have cover stories titled “why white women are unattractive.” when we are gunning down white people near our national border for sport. when every movie is about a brown or black hero saving white savages from evil & their own primitive ways. when white people have to be learned in brown & black culture in order to attain conventional success in america. when white people are silenced, erased, dismissed or ignored in history books, mainstream media, and “liberal progressive” activism. when white people create a blog about the ways that brown & black supremacy manifest in everyday life, and people still rush to defend brown & black people because they don’t. fucking. get. it.

when your instinct is no longer “white is right.” when people learn that whiteness as an institution is a well-oiled machine that has enslaved, murdered, raped, and then erased millions of people of color. when you realize that this machine doesn’t need your ass to defend it on the fucking internet.

when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. when the rivers run dry, and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves…

Perfect post.


Black women from around the world win gold







Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

For those that don’t know, the pictures are (from top to bottom):

  • Idalys Ortiz of Cuba, who won the gold in women’s heavyweight judo. (Link)
  • Gabby Douglas of the USA, who won gold in both team and women’s all-around gymnastics.  She was the first Black woman to win the all-around gold. (Link)
  • Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce of Jamaica, who won gold in the 100m, thus defending her title as the fastest woman in the world. (Link) It’s also worth noting that the silver medalist was another amazing Black woman, Carmelita Jeter. The finish was so close, it literally came down to a photo finish.
  • Serena Williams of the USA, who absolutely decimated her opponents to win tennis singles gold. She was the first Black woman and only the second woman to complete the elite Golden Slam, which means she has won all four of tennis’ major titles and Olympic singles gold. (Link)

Also, let’s not forget Venus Williams who, along with her sister Serena, won gold in women’s doubles.  The medal ceremony hasn’t happened yet, so here’s a pic of them celebrating and being awesome.

Also, I wrote all of this out because it needs to be noted that these are not just Black women winning gold.  Winning gold is amazing enough, but these are Black women shattering records and making history.  It’s amazing.

Add another amazing Black woman to the list!

Sanya Richards-Ross won gold in the women’s 400m! (Link)

Two more additions!

Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia took gold in the women’s 10000m, defending her gold from Beijing. (Link)

Tiki Gelana, also of Ethiopia, not only won gold in women’s marathon, but did it in world record-setting time. (Link)

The list keeps growing!

Allyson Felix won gold in the women’s 200m. (Link) It’s also worth it to note that Black women took all three spots on the podium in this event - Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce of Jamaica took silver and Carmelita Jeter of the USA took bronze.

Britteny Reese won gold in women’s long jump. (Link)



A Gabriel Garcia Marquez-flavored magical realist game

with non-white protagonist

in a non-western setting

that explores the realities of a childhood affected by substance abuse and alcoholism.

If you don’t buy it I will buy it for you.


Papo & Yo - Daily Demo (PS3) (by gamespot)


I'm gonna start screaming, "OEDIPUS!" instead of "MOTHER FUCKER!" just to see who catches on.


Trigger warning for suggested child abuse. 


Papo & Yo Launch Trailer (by PlayStation)

This really struck a chord with me.

Reblogging myself because more people need to see this.


The trailer for Papo & Yo is probably one of the most beautiful/interesting/introspective/heart-wrenching things I’ve seen this year. I wish I had a Playstation so I could play it.


Papo & Yo Launch Trailer (by PlayStation)

This really struck a chord with me.

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At the Beijing Olympics, the morning of the preliminary heat, he got the news that his grandma had died.  He ran, but ended up doing horribly.  He cried the whole day.  He vowed that he would win a medal for her before he retired.  And today in London, he won the gold.  That picture on the ground is of himself and his grandma.


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Look at this WHITE MAN in all of his privilege! He gets clothes, his dog, and look at those shoes he has on! Some people can’t even afford shoes! HE IS WHITE, MALE, AND HE HAS LIFE SOOOO EASY

The reblogged quote above is an example of how a person who classifies himself or herself as “white” may use a Racist (White Supremacist) strategy called “White Sacrifice”.  Usually, these types of statements are an attempt to give the impression that since there are people who classify themselves as “white”, and who are also “homeless”, that either they too suffer from a global system of oppression like Racism (White Supremacy) or that such a Racism (White Supremacy) does not exist because there are suffering people within all racial classifications. However, either assertion, whether implied or implicit, is patently false.  There is indeed a system of Racism (White Supremacy) and non-white people are the sole victims of that system and people who classify themselves as “white” are the primary beneficiaries (regardless if they are admitted Racists or not).

“White Sacrifice” is a compensatory term, introduced by author and attempted counter-racist scientist Neely Fuller Jr.  It simply means that Racists (White Supremacists) will deliberately call attention to whatever perceived suffering a comparatively few people, who are classified as “white”, experience rather than the massive number of non-white people who are suffering due to Racism (White Supremacy). The examples given are not anything like being a lifelong Victim of Racism, dominated in every major area of people activity.

There is no other group of individuals on the planet who are dominating and mistreating all other groups in all major areas of activity except people who classify themselves as “white” and who also function as Racists (White Supremacists). To assert anything else is either confusion or unadulterated deception.  Keep in mind that Racists (White Supremacists) are very adept at both fomenting confusion and practicing deception.

For example, the consistent use of the term “white privilege”,which is promoted heavily by refined Racists (White Supremacists), helps obscure the reality of Racism (White Supremacy) and its praxis of vicious and relentless domination.  That’s why the term “white domination”, would be more accurate in this context. It has never been about what benefits one receives just by virtue of being born.  And it’s certainly not about whether there are a few people who classify themselves as “white” who are so bereft they fail to flourish in a global system designed to benefit them.  It is about, however, what Racists (White Supremacists) are doing and not doing in order to ensure the permanent domination of all people who they say are not “white”.

Anywhere in the world you will find massive numbers of starving, ill, impoverished, terrorized, dis-educated non-white people.  Meanwhile, energy and local resources are being siphoned away by Racists (White Supremacists) and countless drugs, guns, and ammunition are curiously finding their ways into the hands of nonwhite people all over the world. What’s also true is that for every “homeless” white man or woman you’ll find exponentially more so who are non-white. This isn’t a contest. Rather than pointing out random “homeless” people who classify themselves as “white” to deny the existence of Racism (White Supremacy), why not just attempt to produce a planet where no person is mistreated and people who need the most help get the most constructive help they need?

Code Suggestion: Avoid the use of the term “White Privilege”.  It serves to obscure the fact that the system of Racism (White Supremacy) requires focused and deliberate behavior and is not simply about various characteristics with which one is born.

Explanation: The system of Racism (White Supremacy) is a global and functional system that involves the active mistreatment of non-white people in all nine major areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war). This means that people who classify themselves as “white” and who practice Racism (White Supremacy) must actively think, speak, and behave in certain ways to ensure nonwhite people are mistreated and dominated all around the world.

People who classify themselves as “white” are not passive beneficiaries of Racism (White Supremacy). People who classify themselves as “white” often deny the existence of Racism (White Supremacy) or focus on everything they get as a result of mistreating nonwhite people.  This is incorrect.  The focus should be on stopping the behavior that maintains the system of Racism (White Supremacy) and forming real plans and using truthful language that help dismantle the system.

Focusing on privileges rather than behavior (domination/deception/violence) causes confusion. This confusion is why people are attaching the term privilege to almost any perceived advantage that a person may have but has done nothing to obtain. So you will see people saying a person who can see has sighted privilege or a black male (despite high incarceration, police brutality, dis-education, poverty, etc) are now described as having male privilege, a black female watching her loved ones floating away during Hurricane Katrina because of her geographical location could be described as having so-called Western privilege. This is simply a deceptive technique to deflect attention away from the countless malicious activities that people who classify themselves as “white” must do in order to maintain the global system of mistreatment called Racism (White Supremacy).  The use of the term “White Privilege” helps reinforce this deception.  It also helps to keep non-white people focused on each other rather than “The Problem”, which is Racism (White Supremacy) and the people who operate it (Racist Man and Racist Woman).

August 08 2012

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